All of Canivera products include innovative City Dog formula, which ensures cleaning and protection of dog's body.

Canivera is specially design for dogs who live in cities and suburbs - most expose to polution and changed conditions of living. 

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Puppy Lamb&Rice

Rich in Lamb - for puppies and youth of all breeds

Wartości odżywcze

Białko: 28,0%
Tłuszcz: 16,0%
Energia metaboliczna: 3820kcal/kg
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Puppy Large

Rich in Chicken - for large breed puppies until 12 month of age and for giant breed puppies until 24 month of age

Wartości odżywcze

Białko: 27,0%
Tłuszcz: 14,0%
Energia metaboliczna: 3745kcal/kg
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Adult Large

Rich in chicken - for adult dogs of large and giant breeds

Wartości odżywcze

Białko: 23,0%
Tłuszcz: 13,0%
Energia metaboliczna: 3665kcal/kg
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